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    Tear-away Vilene pack - a Tessuti Pattern 'must have'

    Includes 1 metre each of black and white 100% poly non-fusible tear-away Vilene

    Width: 90cm

    What is it?

    Vilene tear away is a sewable, light-weight, non-woven tear-off interlining suitable for all fabric.  It is 70% viscose and 30% cellulose. The high wood pulp content and a short fibre length make it easy to remove by tearing. 

    Why use it?

    Developed as a stabilising backing for embroidery, this particular weight of Vilene tear away is commonly used in the ready-to-wear industry to prevent stretching and distortion of vulnerable areas during the construction process. It tears away easily, even on the lightest silks and georgettes.

    Patterns created for high end apparel include templates for shields to be cut from Vilene tear away for necklines, armholes, waistlines, curved pocket edges, invisible zippers at side seams and decorative stitching etc. These shields are stitched to the areas before assembly. When stabilisation is no longer required, they are easily removed.

    Tessuti Patterns recommends both beginners and advanced sewists use Vilene Tearaway as a stabiliser for:

    • Simplicity: Sew it in. Tear away! You can also make your own templates by tracing your pattern piece with a soft pencil.
    • Accuracy: Templates match the pattern pieces so you can be sure necklines, waistlines, armholes are the correct shape and length.
    • Speed: Save time checking neckline, waistlines, and armholes against the pattern pieces. 
    • Control: Fit as you sew without worrying about stretching pieces out of shape.

    How to use it?

    Tessuti Patterns include templates for Vilene tear away shields for bound and faced necklines, armholes, waistlines, and invisible zippers. For other patterns, make your own templates by tracing the cutting line of the edge to be stabilised. Draw the shield about 1 1/2” away from that edge. 

    Cut shields from tearaway Vilene. There is no grainline to Vilene tear away, so templates can be cut in any direction to minimise wastage. 

    Pin the shield to the fabric (generally to the wrong side) using only 2 or 3 pins, making sure that the edge (at neckline, armhole, waistline etc) of fabric exactly fits the edge of Vilene shield. Sew the shield to fabric within the seam allowance. Sew the facing or binding seams before tearing away the shield.

     Using Vilene tear away is staystitching with benefits!

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