Tessuti Patterns is the co-creation of Colette Guanta, owner of Tessuti Fabrics in Australia, and her mother, Silva, who has over 50 years of trade experience.

With over sixty styles encompassing tops, bottoms, dresses, and coats, our high-quality contemporary patterns are printed in Europe on quality paper and mailed direct to you.

We are the official Europe, UK and United States distributor of Tessuti Patterns (Australia) and ship exclusively to these regions. 
Tessuti Patterns UK is operated and distributed by Hilary.

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As fellow lovers of textiles, we know that thrill of finding the perfect fabric and transforming it into a beautifully finished garment. To help you achieve this goal, each of our patterns includes a comprehensive instruction booklet featuring step-by-step colour photos, along with industry tips and techniques.

We hope that Tessuti Patterns will inspire you in your creative adventures in sewing.